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Unveiling JamRock’s New Project for 2017: Free Websites!

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You read that right; throughout the past few months we’ve been working hard on a plan to start 2017 with a bang, and now the time is finally here we’re ready to unveil our exciting new project, and it’s a good one.

We’re offering websites, designed and built for free by our very own JamRock designers, not just slashing the setup costs for small businesses looking to get their brand online or update their site, but eliminating them entirely. Read More

JamRock Supports the Lancaster Community – and You Can Too!

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Being based at the Storey in Lancaster means that we’re surrounded by Lancastrian culture every single day – and this sort of working environment builds a really strong bond between a company and its community. And, while delivering services to Lancaster base companies is one way in which we can help the community grow and excel – by building up local businesses – sometimes it’s important to find other ways to support local people.

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